WordCamp NYC 2010

WordCamp NYC 2010 has been announced!  [insert homer simpson gurgle here: ahhh wordcamp glugggggggg]

October 16-17, 2010 at Baruch College – right across the street from our WordPress Meetup

If you use WordPress, you simply must attend!  It’s the most fun, exciting and fantastic experience I have ever had, ever, related to technology.  There will be tracks for beginners, intermediate and advanced, and you can pick and choose every single bit of your menu to make your own WordPress feast fit for a king!

From the WordCamp NYC Blog:

To keep up, follow @wordcampnyc on twitter.
We use the hashtag #wcnyc, and when talking about WordCamp NYC, you should too.

Moving Site

Please note that I’m going to move the site to a different hosting account with Hostgator over the Labor Day weekend.

Also, I like many things about the Ashford theme, but I don’t like the way the excerpts are handled on the home page, so I am probably going to switch it over to a StudioPress theme.

If someone has a suggestion or some thoughts on what might be useful, please let me know.

WordPress. It’s not just for blogging anymore.

I stumbled across an article by Steve Strauss on the Amex Open Forum website that  explains very well why everyone who knows better is switching their website platform to WordPress, whether it is or has a blog – or not. The heart of the article:

As you may know, WordPress is a popular program that many people use to blog. It’s popular because it is easy. But what you may not know is that WordPress can also be a very powerful and affordable website creation tool.

(Confession: Two years ago, wanting to redo my own site, I received bids as high as $75,000. Sticker shock led me to rethink the project, and my assistant extraordinaire, Vivian, convinced me that we should use WordPress. It turned out to be a very smart business decision. I love WordPress.)

Creating a website with WordPress is surprisingly easy. There are literally hundreds of themes to choose from, and most are free. These themes can be completely customized and installed quickly.

“Why You Might Want to Redo Your Website Using WordPress”

This Theme is Ashford.

So while looking around yet again for a theme for this site, I came across this article in Smashing Magazine: WordPress Theme Development Frameworks. I have no idea what got me to try Ashford, but I tried it and with very little, very easy setup, here you have it. I wanted something simple and generally easy to read with an old school blog format. (The background is a file I found somewhere else.)

Anyway, I just love it. They do not have a commission/affiliate program (yet) so I’m just telling you because I think it’s great. I haven’t sprung for the Pro version, but the settings screen had all the right settings for what I’d want to customize, and you have the results here. It

Hmm… I’d love rounded corners! I haven’t written much yet about experiences with themes, but this theme would be one, for me, that would require very little customization to make it useable. That is one of my complaints with Genesis – all of the text is entirely too small and I have to redo a slough of CSS settings every single time. Only time will tell if I can last in this framework without going Pro or without having the extra features written in to something like Genesis.

(Note, as of Sept 5, 2010, the theme is not Ashford anymore.)

First Meetup Thursday June 10


The first Code Free WordPress meetup is scheduled for this Thursday.  This was an email I sent to the meetup group today:

Hello everyone,

The setup for Thursday is that we’ll be in a medium auditorium style room with a 50″ plasma TV. I have used it before and it is well mounted to serve a nicely sized group. When groups get larger, I can have other

My plan for Thursday is to go over the general guidelines for SEO, using Google and Google tools, but also explaining how to submit to Bing and Ask.

The first group will undoubtedly be small, so if you know you have a question or a topic that you need help with – SEO related or not – feel free to email me in advance so I can try to prepare something for you.


If you need to reach me, you can email me via this website at Rob – at.