WordPress Planet

WordPress Planet is an aggregated site of 31 (as of this writing) blogs about WordPress.  Many of the blog entries you will see there might very well be above the head of the WordPress code-free user, but it has been my experience that reading things over my head about WordPress has been the best way for me to understand what’s possible (and sometimes what’s not) when it comes to WordPress.  And without a doubt, sooner or later, everyone writes something that has been helpful to me.

The best part of WordPress Planet is that you don’t really have to subscribe to it – it’s piped in directly to your dashboard on every WordPress installation!  The widget that displays “Other WordPress News” is WordPress Planet!  You can even customize that widget, it’s very neat.

Get more detail at WordPress Planet: http://planet.wordpress.org/

WordPress. It’s not just for blogging anymore.

I stumbled across an article by Steve Strauss on the Amex Open Forum website that  explains very well why everyone who knows better is switching their website platform to WordPress, whether it is or has a blog – or not. The heart of the article:

As you may know, WordPress is a popular program that many people use to blog. It’s popular because it is easy. But what you may not know is that WordPress can also be a very powerful and affordable website creation tool.

(Confession: Two years ago, wanting to redo my own site, I received bids as high as $75,000. Sticker shock led me to rethink the project, and my assistant extraordinaire, Vivian, convinced me that we should use WordPress. It turned out to be a very smart business decision. I love WordPress.)

Creating a website with WordPress is surprisingly easy. There are literally hundreds of themes to choose from, and most are free. These themes can be completely customized and installed quickly.

“Why You Might Want to Redo Your Website Using WordPress”