Widget Alignment

Have you ever had this happen?

You know, where you took some code, put it in the widget, but the item you expected to look so nice – because after all, Amazon programmed it, right? – but the widget is on the left side of the column looking all weird?

A way to get around this is to add your own centering tag to the code.  so paste the code that the company gave you, and put <center> at the beginning and </center> at the end.  Don’t cause any editing of the code that the company gave you, not even an extra space!

Now really geeky technical people will tell you this is not technically correct.  Well, they’re right, but since this works for just about everyone on both sides of the web page, we’re going with it for now.  And if your WordPress guy insists it’s wrong and insists you should do it the right [read: pay him to do it] way, then you need another WordPress guy.

[When this begins to be nonfunctional for many users, we’ll update it.]