This Theme is Ashford.

So while looking around yet again for a theme for this site, I came across this article in Smashing Magazine: WordPress Theme Development Frameworks. I have no idea what got me to try Ashford, but I tried it and with very little, very easy setup, here you have it. I wanted something simple and generally easy to read with an old school blog format. (The background is a file I found somewhere else.)

Anyway, I just love it. They do not have a commission/affiliate program (yet) so I’m just telling you because I think it’s great. I haven’t sprung for the Pro version, but the settings screen had all the right settings for what I’d want to customize, and you have the results here. It

Hmm… I’d love rounded corners! I haven’t written much yet about experiences with themes, but this theme would be one, for me, that would require very little customization to make it useable. That is one of my complaints with Genesis – all of the text is entirely too small and I have to redo a slough of CSS settings every single time. Only time will tell if I can last in this framework without going Pro or without having the extra features written in to something like Genesis.

(Note, as of Sept 5, 2010, the theme is not Ashford anymore.)